Sunday, April 29, 2012


What else would Z be for? What is a zorilla? For one thing its the answer to the question, "When is a skunk not a skunk?" Zorillas - otherwise Ictonyx striatus with emphasis on "Ic" look a bit like skunks and smell even worse. In fact they are more closely related to wolverines than they are to our familiar little North American  stinkers.

Like most weasels the zorilla is far from affable and cannot be tamed like the common skunk. They are essentially fearless and have been known to drive lions from their kills with their hideous scent - which, again like skunks - they can spray for some distance, and with depressing accuracy.

They inhabit most of sub-Saharan Africa, and are welcome to remain there.

But "Z" is also the letter at the opposite end of the alphabet from "A", and writing about it marks the end of the A to Z Blog Challenge, a pleasant little exercise in self discipline which was enormously enjoyable, entertaining and educational as well.

It also presents a license to grind out otherwise inexcusable doggerel, an opportunity never to be missed.

I'm glad I took the challenge, it was fun, and new friends were made along the way. Can't wait until the next one, which I've heard will feature significant monetary rewards.

Until then, "A" is for Adios!

The A to Z Bloggery Challenge:


  1. Mac, this is a cool animal, I've never seen a Zorilla before. Don't want to see one either, better yet, I don't want to smell one if they're worse than skunks! Great job on this post, in fact, great job on ALL of your AZey posties. Back to normal. Whatever normal was. ":)

  2. And high time. It was fun, but it's time to stop now, lol. You had some really off beat stuff to present as well, you know -excellent job!

  3. They DO look a little like skunks! Hey, you made it to zzzz! Now zzzz it's time to sleep :)

  4. And I enjoyed your daily posts - if not for A to Z I would never have been this entertained!

  5. Curve balls must be your specialty, Mac! You certainly caught me by surprise with this one...lots of fun...lots of fun indeed!

  6. Great stuff. I am more than happy to learn about this creature through the pages of your blog and not in a real-life meeting! :)

  7. Oooh, I bet it does smell 'ICky', too. This challenge has been fun, and a great education on so many things along the way - such as learning of Zorillas.

  8. Silly me, I would have just said, "Skunk,". Thanks for the insight.

    Congratulations on finishing the A to Z challenge!

  9. Hmm, when I clicked on "Zorilla" I really didn't know what to expect. Now, I know it's not something I want to see in real life.
    Thanks for sharing! BTW, congratulations for finishing your challenge.