Saturday, April 21, 2012


S is for still waters. They may or may not run deep but there is no telling what might lay just beneath the surface. Moby Bass? Mighty Joe Muskie? A canoe full of crappie? A misty morning on a glass-surfaced lake holds promise of a great many things. Most of all, of a memorable morning outing.

S is for still cute. What is cuter that a pair of adorable kittens? Not too much, especially when they are tiny lynx kitties. (With very big feet!)
S is for still silly. Nearly as cute as tiny lynx kitties there is still no rational explanation for Pineapple Girl. Why is she wandering around bearing a Hawaiian fruit and a silly grin?

It is still a mystery.We may never know.

S is for Uncle Pete's still. I never knew Uncle Pete, he moved on to the great speakeasy in the sky before I was born. But I know he spent the prohibition years protecting his fellow Americans from the foolishness of their own government by keeping a reasonably whiskey like product always close at hand.

We speak of him with reverence, still.

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  1. This was a perfect s post. I like the still waters thinking of Uncle Mac. Pineapple girl is still just an illusion...just an illusion...

  2. Mac, I MUST agree with Glory. Beautiful! This is an EXCELLENT post. Who needs a rational explanation for pretty Pineapple Girl? Cool lynx kittens, great still water photo--and the old still is fascinating. Well done, Mac!

  3. Really great "S" word. Love, love, love the "still waters" photo.

    Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge.

    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

  4. I am not worthy. But thank you just the same! :0)