Friday, April 27, 2012


Yes it is! Not an insidious weapon developed by our enemies abroad to bring us to our knees, nor a wondrous accomplishment of our own dauntless weaponeers allowing us to spread Truth, Justice, the American Way, Mom, Apple Pie and Beanie Weenie all across the benighted globe and parts of nearby space.

No! It's the devastating move involving the letter "X" that proves so lethal and annoying to our opponents in Scrabble and Words with Friends.

Look for a double letter, or better a triple letter or triple word space on the board that is vacant, and adjacent to another word so that you can double dip on the "X" and have it count 4 times (double space) or 6 times (triple space)! this humble example is a mere double letter tile, really more of an X grenade than a bomb, but the X alone is still worth 32 points.

There are so many simple words to help you along, ex, ox, ax, xi and xu, axe, fox, fix, max, and the ever popular sex!

Can you make more points with the J, Z and Q bombs? Of course, but "X" is so much easier to work with.

And anyway, X can't be for Z-bomb!

The A to Z Bloggery Challenge:


  1. I wouldn't want to play against'd kill me!

  2. Ha ha sound like a formidable scrabble player...great post..visiting via the A to Z Challenge...blessings

  3. I love it! Man does that X come in handy - always promotes extra head trash in the opponents too! Psyche! They get so freaked out when you use the X, Q and Z on this big scoring boxes. Good one, Mac!