Saturday, April 28, 2012


And for this we blame that most overated of authors, that hackiest of hacks, the tedious H.P. Lovecraft. Seldom has anyone written so much and said so little, about things in which no one is interested. Except, the loser seems to have an ardent following. Go figga.

One can, if one so desires, read all of Mr. Outermost Dark's works right HERE:

At anyrate, Ol' Yoggy as he's known in literary circles is one of H.P.'s typical creations, unseen (for the very sight of it would drive one mad) and basically uninterested in interactions involving lowly humans. He is an Elder God, like most of H.P.s Slimeys, although just who or what ever worshipped it remains unknown.

We don't like Yog-Sothoth, nor his creator H.P.L. We also don't know what actually befell the late H.P., but one would hope that perhaps Yoggy ate him.

Y not?

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