Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Everyone is familiar with Monsanto Corporation, the multi national agricultural giant. Monsanto is one of the the worlds leading bioengineering firms and the overall leader in genetically engineered seed products. Monsanto does a lot of good in the world, but there is also the potential for great harm. Their stubborn plans to produce and force-market seeds with "Terminator Genes" is high handed, benefits only Monsanto, and is potentially dangerous.

Terminator seeds, in a nutshell, are seeds that cannot reproduce. Plant a crop with Monsanto generated seeds and preserving those seeds will be of no benefit to the farmer, who must return to Monsanto every season that he wishes to grow that particular crop.

The issues are highly charged, the potential hazards, great. Here are two links for additional information, there are many more available on line. Please do some research, form your own opinion and if you believe as I do, that Monsanto is heading down the wrong track, speak out.

Terminator Technology

Green Peace sounds the alarm:


December in the Northeastern USA. The garden has long been stripped of its bounty, soil amendments turned under, tools cleaned and racked, the gate closed for the next three long, cold, months.

Nothing to do but scan the seed catalogs and websites, noodle planting locations and sequences with the help of a legal pad, and look forward to spring, 2012.