Saturday, April 21, 2012


The tarpon! The tarpon! Most athletic of catches!
With aerial skills that no other fish matches!
He soars through the air so agile, so easily,
Like that daring young man on his flying trapezily!

He's big and he's bad! He is silvery of scale,
He'll dive for the bottom when other ploys fail.
And just when you think that he's lashed to an anchor,
He'll flash through the sky like a KC-5 tanker!

The tarpon! The tarpon! A marvelous fish!
Too ginormous to serve on a platter or dish!
Too humongous for fry pan or microwave oven!
He won't fit in the broiler, it's no use to shove him!

If you've beaten a tarpon, and subdued his great strength,
It's best just to weigh him and measure his length,
Perhaps take his picture, and cackle with glee,
And toss that fine fishy straight back in the sea.

To invite him as dinner, as we've seen, is a waste,
It's not just his size, it's a matter of taste.
Hand dig if you will a huge barbecue pit;
You have wasted your labors, tarpon taste just like shit.

©2012 Mac Pike All Rights Reserved

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  1. LOL, love it! I went to Tarpon Springs in Florida and I had no clue it was named after a fish until years later. Just not too bright, I am. Great poem, Hunny!

  2. MAC, this is too funny! I did not know that Tarpon is not good to eat. what a surprise! Great poetry !

  3. Hey Mac,

    Great verse
    not terse
    Seen worse

  4. Sooo coool! I am so ready to go ocean sport fishing in Fort Bragg, CA. Sometimes the smaller the fish, the better it tastes.

    Popped in from the Blog Blitz.