Saturday, April 14, 2012


M is for mammoth, big as a barn,
with long woolly hair that's much warmer than yarn.
He's 15 feet tall from his toes to his head,
(much too big to keep in the gardening shed)
He's got really big tusks and he weighs 13 ton,
and he stomps on saber tooth tigers for fun.
He wandered the plains munching bushes and grass,
when a blizzard surprised him and froze his fat ass.
5000 years later when the weather was nice,
it thawed just a bit and he burst from the ice!

The scientists flocked round to skin and de-bone him,
with a bunch right behind who were hankerin' to clone him.
If the cloning succeeds and the Doc's have their way,
We'll be hip deep in mammoths the very next day!
Then us gardening folk can despair of our broccoli,
cause its tough enough dealing with crows by the flockly,
and raccoons by night, and woodchuck by day, 
and running 'round chasing Mizz Bunny away.
We all know for a fact that no chicken wire fence,
will keep out a mammoth. (they're just too immense)

The A to Z Bloggery Challenge:


  1. This mammoth so massive; not docile, nor passive
    Would ever be able to be so inactive
    If he were to see the rich kholrabs and broccoli
    He'd stay off the ice caps and head for yon hockley.
    But our Uncle Mac and his Pineapple Beauty
    Between them, they've an interesting strategy
    Awake through the night keeping watch, (so they say),
    Your farms will be safe and the mammoth at bay
    Whatever the tactic, or on ad-hoc basis,
    Even if revived by the docs or the scientists,
    Fear not good neighborly folk and kind farmers
    We've heroes in our midst; 'Ol Mac and his Farm Girls.
    No Mammoth will get nigh, nor trample nor destroy,
    But I suspect he would want to join in the throng
    To shout out hip-hip hurray and send them some cheer
    Since there's cookies for all and a round of good beer.

    1. Lol! Beaten at my own game! Fabulous, Mandy!

    2. hahaha... yep Mac. When you least expect it. ;)

  2. Haha, loved it! I would not so much love mammoths wandering around, though.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  3. Oh, not one but two fun rhymes! Great job the both of you and on such a mammoth topic, too!

  4. Good grief. I missed this. Hilarious! ...and very good.

  5. This is hilarious~!! I didn't proof-read before reading out loud to my 6 year old tho...had to skip the frozen ass... but SO funny!!!