Friday, August 3, 2012


As we swelter through another steamy summer it may be pleasant to look forwards to one of the cooler and more charming winter pastimes...

Erm. Perhaps neither that cool nor that charming. We are speaking of ice fishing here! Isn't that cool and charming enough for a hot afternoon?

An ode therefore! To the dauntless brethren and cistern of the ice auger!

Ice Fishin'

You may shoot a round of golf with your goofy neighbor Rolf,
or smack handballs 'round until your fingers bleed.
You may pump your mountain bike up the peak named after Pike,
and I'm sure we'll all applaud the mighty deed.

You may hunt the antlered moose, you may perforate a goose,
or with bow in hand confront the ring necked pheasant.
But a sportsman's not a hero t'il he fishes in sub-zero
temperatures that lesser men would find unpleasant.

There is nothing quite as nice as to lumber 'cross the ice
when the northern lights are shimmering o'er the pole.
With your tip-ups and your thermos and frost bitten epidermis
and a double headed axe to chop the hole.

On your upturned spacklin' pail there you'll squat through sleet and hail,
and snow so deep that folks can't see your hat.
And some may call you "nuts", and some "a silly putz",
but you're a proud ice fishin' man for all of that.

Though you've never caught a trout and never will, I doubt,
that the prospect of a catch is what will tug ya,
to the frozen lake each season; no you do it for the reason,
it's the only place your spouse won't go to bug ya.

©2012 Mac Pike All Rights Reserved



  1. LOL Mac Pike you crack me up. The ending was completely unexpected, which is what I should have expected.

  2. Well done, Mac, I thought you were going to add a verse about the benefit of no "miskeeters tryin' to eat'yer...." whilst you were at it...This poem is hilarious! Mike was right on, the unexpected is what we should have expected... ":))