Monday, August 13, 2012


Because you know what happens on that great day in the humble unincorporated town of Buttzville, New Jersey, do you not?

You really should we've been beating the drum hard enough to get your attention! For those of you who have been sleeping for the last month there will be a spontaneous manifestation of, not UFO's;  you'll recognize these things when you see them - but of butts!

What point in calling it Buttzville, if not for butts?

There are apt to be a positive plethora, a rich phantasmagoria, and may I ad an overflowing cornucopia of smoking butts in Buttzville on the 25th of Agust, 2012!

And who could doubt the presence of some smokin' butt sporters smokin' their own butts! Oh it can get confusing; that's why you must be there! What if you missed it? What to tell the Grandkids??

Well I think we've exhausted it for the time being. You know where it is. You also know when, and you know that you have to compete or at least, observe. Wouldn't it be fun to trick your girlfriend into competing? Tell her you are going for a pleasant ride in the country! Which is, of course, part of the truth. Hey it works for politicians. 

She could be a big winner!*

*There are, of course, no losers. (There also are no prizes.).

Like they say in Buttzville: "A well-smoked ham is a ham well smoked!"

And who can argue with that?

DISCLAIMER: Seeds and Weeds and its peeps assume absolutely no responsibility for anything that happens, has happened or will happen anywhere or at anytime, in any place for any reason. We are never responsible, and only rarely are we coherent.

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