Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Best Butts in Buttzville Festival

Where will you be August 23rd, 2014? If you are smart you will be in Buttzville New Jersey for the “Best Butts in Buttzville” Festival.

In its third year the event is clandestine, underground, unsanctioned, unheralded, steatopygian and a lot of fun.

There is no admission fee.

There are no “officially sanctioned events” at all BUTT! You can can participate in the photography event (The Glute Shoot) or a running event (The 5K or until we stop running traffic stopper), the Thong-a-Thon, the “May I butt in” and other unsanctioned events.

And of course the totally spurious “Miss Best Butt in Buttzville” Pageant. (NO talent segment, we've learned our lesson.)

There are no official grounds but as long as you eat tons of hot dogs and don't ask for kraut, you might want to start at Hot Dawg Johny's on Rte. 46. Just don't clog the lot.

Bring your butts.

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