Sunday, December 2, 2012





Tracy was a stripper; she worked the go-go lounges, 
Selling dreams to biker men, and cops, and other scrounges.
She left her home to prosper in the clubs of San Hose,
Her legs were long, her bottom schweet! Her boobs alas, just “A”.

She had an A-team dancer’s moves, she had grace and charm and pluck,
And when it came to cuteness she’d disgrace a baby duck.
She could work the floor and work the bar her people skills were deep,
The way she buffed the old brass pole made Jaded patrons weep!


But when she counted up her tips they barely made a dent,
In the car and light and phone bills; forget about the rent!
As Tracy left the club one night Bill the bouncer caught her frown,
He led her to a table and he said, “Hey kid, sit down.”

He signaled to a waitress, “Trixie, set us up with shooters!”
Then turning round to Tracey said, “The problem is your hooters."
Oh the fellows really like you; they love to watch you wiggle,
But to separate them from their pay you’ll need some frontal jiggle.”

Tracy clutched her chest and said, “How can this cruelness be?
I cannot be a jiggly gal, all I’ve got is what you see!”
“Trace, take this, it holds the cure.” – And Trace required no urgin’,
Bill handed her a business card: “Sol Goldstein, Plastic Surgeon”

Next morning at the clinic Trace said “Doctor Solly please!
Can you help a Sister out and turn these into “B’s”?”
“Ho, ho,” the kindly doctor laughed, “Dear girl, it is no trouble,
To turn those bee stings into “D’s”. Said Trace, “Make those a double.”

Now Trace lives in Monaco in a mansion by the sea.
She drives a Bentley and a Jag and Royals come for tea.
She has a cook, a parlor maid, and a butler (his name’s Bill),
She dances sometimes just for fun and to give the crowd a thrill.

She sips her champagne cocktail on the fantail of her yacht,
And reflects some times in wonder on the good things she has got.
As she oils her phony assets she is sometimes moved to snigger,
It’s amazing what a girl can do, if only she’ll dream bigger.


  1. An epic poem, Mac, waxing eloquently, inspiring dreams....":)
    P.s. You're a pretty good poet, you just don't know it...You could create a book of poetic schemes and doubt about it. ":)

  2. Sure. But no one would buy it. :-)

  3. Her eyes in the first picture are a bit spooky...

  4. You might be surprised, Mac, you're an excellent poet and people are becoming more interested in poetry now...especially weird stuff.